Shaanti TV Presents EE Music Show Fri 9th May

Shaanti TV present Eastern Electronic Music Show

The Eastern Electronic Festival launches its very own independent weekly television show!

Birmingham’s new-music festival, The Eastern Electronic Festival 2014, showcases emerging talent in the British Asian contemporary music scene. Using digital platforms across the globe to empower some of the hottest artists on the scene right now, Eastern Electronic Music Show is the place for up-and-coming musicians wanting to share their music.

From Electronic, Punk, Classical, Contemporary, Fusion, Nu-Jazz and Indi-Folk we’ve searched the UK and the Midlands, to present some of the most exciting young musicians creating the sounds of the future.

Watch Layla Tutt, Driving Lolita, Shammi Pithia, My Panda Shall Fly, Maggie 8, Sister Elements and more, and discover a brand new UK sound.  Eastern Electronic Music Show will premier on the festival’s website, on, official YouTube Channel and on various social platforms from Friday 9th May 2014 at 8.00pm.

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Music Show is staffed by a group of volunteers and Midlands British-Asian filmmakers who have been recruited to give aspiring young producers and students from Derby University the opportunity to train with professionals.

The Eastern Electronic Festival is vital in the development of new sounds emerging from the British Asian contemporary music industry. Now in its third year, the festival typically has its finger on the pulse of great breakout artists. So, wherever you are, get ready for the UK’s hottest television show, Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Music Show every Friday night!

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Music Show has its worldwide digital premier on Friday 9th May, then broadcast every subsequent Friday of May (16th, 23rd and 30th) at 8.00pm on

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Festival presents the Eastern Electronic Music Show in partnership with Derby University, supported by Arts Council England.

All events and commissions are produced by Shaanti 11. Copyright Shaanti 11 2014.



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