Muslim Women in Music Live Debate Sun 11th May

Muslim Women in Music Debate

Inspired by last years news of Kashmir’s first all-female rock group Pragaash, who disbanded following threats from the community, Eastern Electronic Festival presents the Muslim Women in Music live debate on Midland’s Masala, BBC West Midlands Radio 95.6FM.

The band Pragaash quit three months after forming, following a fatwa from clerics and local opinion in India’s only majority Muslim state. After hearing this news the Eastern Electronic Festival, felt it essential that we take a closer, more in-depth look at the UK music scene and ask: why is there a distinct lack of Muslim women in music?

A multi-faceted debate that will tackle a number of issues, the participants will try and peel back the layers to reveal what the true reasons of this inequality may be – from looking at the socio-economic background; the level of parental involvement; industry expectations and prejudice to the lack of role models and of course, the role of faith.

Join in with the live debate presented by Arshia Riaz with panel guests:

Naz Koser (Artistic Director – Sufi Punk)

DJ Ritu (Radio Presenter and Music Historian)

Shahin Badar (International Award Winning Artists)

Tune in and be part of this big debate on Midlands Masala, Sunday 11th May from 6pm, on BBC West Midlands Radio 95.6FM

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Festival presents Muslim Women in Music in partnership with BBC WM, Midlands Masala, My World My Music t/a Sufi Punk, supported by Arts Council England.


All events and commissions are produced by Shaanti 11. Copyright Shaanti 11 2014.

Photo: Nissar Ahmad

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