EE Hub Mon 12th May

Eastern Electronic Community Hubs

The Eastern Electronic Festival is committed to helping performers improve their professional networks. Through the festival’s community hubs, performers are given the opportunity to meet fellow performers and media representatives. The Eastern Electronic Community Hubs run over the course of a month and serves as a meeting point for all artists and media spokespeople.

Come and meet the Artistic Director of the Festival and the Eastern Electronic Festival team at the following venue below.

Location: The Drum

Address: 144 Potters Lane, Birmingham, West Midlands B6 4UU. 0121 333 2400

Time: 11.00am to 12.00pm

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Festival present Eastern Electronic Community Hubs, supported by Arts Council England.


All events and commissions are produced by Shaanti 11. Copyright Shaanti 11 2014.

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