Bolly Good Jollygood Tour Tues 13th May

Bollygood Jollygood Music Workshop Tour

Bollygood Jollygood is a music-workshop roadshow in West Midlands lead by singer and songwriter Rita Morar and special guests.

The Eastern Electronic Festival promotes social engagement and well-being to older people through community supported participation in musical activities through its outreach programme of workshops.

Bollygood Jollygood offers the opportunity and the inspiration for older residents to recapture their musical youth and unleash their musical talents by encouraging people to play instruments or to take part in a Bollywood sing-a-longs.

To get involved log online or to find a location near you call us on 07968 366878 for further information.

Location: Various across the West Midlands

Price: Free

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Festival presents Bollygood Jollygood Music Workshop Tour, supported by Arts Council England.


All events and commissions are produced by Shaanti 11. Copyright Shaanti 11 2014.

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