ADF 20! Exhibition Mon 12th May – Thurs 26th June

ADF 20! Celebrating 20 years of the iconic Asian Dub Foundation in pictures.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of London’s most explosive electronic band, the Eastern Electronic Festival and Shaanti are thrilled to present Twenty Years of Asian Dub Foundation.’

The photographic exhibition features iconic images of award-winning band, Asian Dub Foundation. The collection of highly emotive pictures charts the band’s journey and will be on display at The Drum throughout May.

The band has been captured by renowned British photographer and visual artist Coco (Visionary Underground). The collection explores the extraordinary life of one of the most important British electronic groups of all time.

As the official photographer of the Asian Dub Foundation, Coco has developed a unique relationship with the band, and has ultimately been granted unprecedented access to ADF’s most intimate moments. She has managed to capture never before seen footage of ADF on the road, behind the scenes, on stage and at home.

The intimacy of Coco’s’ photographs reveals an enthralling personal insight into the Asian Dub Foundation who have been hailed an “active political group,” “one of the best live bands of the last 30 years” and “the last angry band of Britain.”  The collection also features exclusive behind-the-scenes images of their prominent campaigning, capturing the release from prison of Asian warehouse worker Satpal Ram, who was incarcerated in 1987 for the killing of a white man in self-defence.

Coco’s photographs are an eclectic collection of images that capture the very essence and personality of ADF both on and off stage. The collection sees photos of the electrifying antics of Steve Chandra Savale (Chandrasonic), Pandit J, bass player Dr Das, 15-year-old Bengali rapper Deeder Zambian (Master D) and Decknologist Sanjay “Sun-J” Tailor.

ADF formed in 1993 and this unique collection will provide a valuable history of the incredible band over two decades.

The Eastern Electronic Festival and Shaanti are honoured to present this stunning collection of photographs celebrating the life and incredible talent of the iconic band. ‘ADF 20!’ will be on display at The Drum from Monday 12th – Thursday 26th June, 2014.

Location: The Drum

Address: 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B6 4UU

Time: 10.00am – 10.00pm 

Contact: 0121 333 2400

Price: Free

Shaanti’s Eastern Electronic Festival present ADF 20! By Coco Edwards, supported by The Drum and Arts Council England.


All events and commissions are produced by Shaanti 11. Copyright Shaanti 11 2014.

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